Every Vote Matters! Today is the last day to register to vote.

We wrapped up our non-partisan voter registration efforts this afternoon. Our team hosted 32 voter registration events in just 36 days all across the City of Atlanta! They put countless hours into planning, coordinating partnerships and attending events for anyone experiencing homelessness that was eligible to vote.

We are pleased to say that because of these efforts we have over 200 registered voters. We were also able to verify registration for hundreds of our friends.

Each event had its different impact. A couple favorite moments for our team include:

– Women living in a shelter that felt empowered to use their voice for the first time and were excited for this process.

– Countless men over the age of 60 that have never before voted, thought they would never be able to, that now for the first time in their lives can vote and be a part of something we all have a basic right to do.

Next steps are already in motion to provide information on early voting locations and verifying that our friends are ready to go! We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to partner with the below agencies that serve our friends on the streets. Thank you for partnering with us to make this project possible!

– Partners for HOME
– Redeemer Lutheran Church, Atlanta
– HOPE Atlanta
– Crossroads Community Ministries
– SafeHouse Outreach
– Remerge
– Gateway Center
– Central Outreach and Advocacy Center
– Atlanta Mission: My Sisters House, The Shepherd’s Inn and Potter’s House
– The Hope and Dignity Community Center
– Trinity United Methodist Church Atlanta
– Atlanta City Baptist Rescue Mission
– First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta
– Intown Collaborative Ministries

Thank you, New Georgia Project and Jackson Protection Agency, for assisting us with this effort.

This project was a huge success and we are happy to have organized it for those we serve each week!