• Hope thru Soap Trailer Debuts providing mobile showers to anyone experiencing homelessness or in need. Everyone is given a towel and hygiene kit and allowed to shower as long as they like. Showers are temperature controlled for the comfort of our guests.

  • Closet Bus debuts to give individuals dignity of shopping for clothes that are hung up and sorted by size for men, women and children. Blankets, sleeping bags and more hygiene also stored on the bus for anyone in need. In the back of the bus there is a dedicated hair cut station.

  • Aqua-Van Debuts to carry the water for the 2-stall shower trailer. The van is also used to carry the grills, tables and chairs for Block Party events.

  • Ford F350 Truck debuts to pull the 3-stall shower trailer that will be revealed later in the year. The truck is currently used for Covid-19 response to deliver meals and Hope Bags each week.

  • New 3-stall custom made shower trailer will join the 2-stall trailer to serve even more guests.